We’ll give you a reason to work in McD’s

Flexibility for everybody

Flexibility is not just a word for us, but a fact that we live.
My team is genuinely diverse - from students, to full-timers, to mums and dads on parental leave - but despite this things work beautifully here. McDonald’s deserves a big thank-you for offering all types of relationships. It enables me to flexibly plan shifts and everybody is satisfied.
Terka Restaurant manager Do you want to plan shifts too?

It’s like a second family

I’ve met lots of friends here and I’ve found a girlfriend here.
At McD’s you simply meet lots of great people, there’s a friendly atmosphere here. We use the informal version of “you” here regardless of age or position. Even the bosses are friendly and will always meet you halfway. The work brings us together, so we are happy to meet even in our free time.
Tadeáš Crew Trainer Meet great people!

Ideal first experience

I started work when I was 15 together with a friend. And I was worried completely unnecessarily...
Going for your first after-school job is a little bit of a worry. All those papers and the new situations bothered me. I was concerned I wouldn’t have time for school. But at McD’s they could handle everything and they planned shifts when I was able to work. My colleagues were patient and kind during training. And thanks to them I’ve been here for two years and I can train new hires, maybe even you?!
Anička Barist Master Try it for yourself!

A career?
Why not...

Most people think that McD’s is only about after-school jobs. I’m proof that they’re wrong...
Originally, I just wanted to earn a little extra. The work came naturally to me, so I rapidly started to grow. The new positions brought new challenges and experience. I now primarily focus on care for employees, as well as our customers. I’m grateful for the opportunity I got here. Everything is possible at McD’s!
Dano Shift Manager Start your career here too

I make extra money.
Five minutes from home

Stable work even at my age. I appreciate comfort and McD’s gives me that.
My family told me that it’s only for young people. I have to say that I raise the average age :) , but that was never a barrier. Everybody who has the appetite to work is welcomed at McD’s. I plan shifts as I need and for when I can work. And the bonus is that my journey to work takes only a couple of minutes.

You’ll look forward to getting paid!

I wanted to be independent. And my friends advised me to work in McD’s...
I was surprised, but they really do pay better than the competition. I didn’t want to keep being dependent on my parents. There are things that you don’t really need, but you just want them. :) And I like to earn money for them myself. Although I actually used my first salary to pay for a driver’s licence. And what will you buy on your first pay-day?
Ján Shift Manager Come and try it
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